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  1. Right on always love seeing progress. Keep it up man
  2. Welcome welcome seen ya around already catching up
  3. Nice updates main good looking out!
  4. Yeah i agree with that loyality. Black is nice. Also if the banner is going to be centered I would think the links should be as well ?
  5. It looks good. Missing a highscores button tho. Also maybe add something in the corner on the status bar like that displays the amount of players online?
  6. Welcome bud! Glad to have you here!
  7. Welcome man! glad to have you here hope you enjoy it! If you need anything let me know
  8. Thanks boss. Wont let ya down
  9. Thanks for the update! good job man keep it coming
  10. Good job mal very helpful!
  11. Welcome man! Glad to have you here lets keep this place growing.
  12. Congrats man bout time
  13. Yeah just wait ilovethis i had same thing waited til i could vote again and it was fixed
  14. Thanks man vote points coming soon?