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  1. Hello. My names Bryan, I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas. I'm 26 and currently unemployed due to health issues pertaining to my respritory system. I'm a very avid gamer, I will play anything once just to try it out. I have been playing runescape since it's debut back in 2004 (Yes, I played classic, Sue me!) I have a profound love for private servers as it gives you the freedom to do whatever, Be whomever, and enjoy the freedom from Fagex's ridiculous pay2play experience. I'd say that I have had the luxury of finding some good servers in the past but I would be lying, Atleast until now.Some facts about me.Served 4 1/2 almost 5 years in the Marine Corps as an E-5.My right lung has collapsed 7 times over the past year and a half.I recently as of last year in may won my battle against CML (Chronic Myloid Leukemia)I have done vehicle repossessions since I moved to Texas about 6 years ago and loved it.I love helping people with challenges, whether it be something in-game or personal issues.That's about all I can think to add for now. I may come back and give more details later as I think of them.Very glad to introduce myself and hopefully get to know the community further more.In Regards,Mini V2.
  2. Personal questions What's your in-game username? Mini V2 What's your time zone? Central Standard Time Do you have any previous experience as a staff member? Yes, I have been head administrator on a few different rsps's throughout the entire time I have played private servers starting back in 2006. How long have you been playing on Strafe RSPS? Not very long, But I plan on sticking around til the end. How active are you on a daily basis? Usually 8+ hours. Why do you think you would be good addition towards Strafe RSPS staff team? I am very diverse in problem solving even when the odds are stacked against me in many ways. I have spent most of my rsps life as an administrator also spent many years in real life as customer service for a quite large corporate company, So I can handle the stress load of various questions in a short time in high volume and be able to effectively complete answers of each in a timely manner. Do you know all our rules, and understand them correctly? Yes, They are very simple and easily understood. What would you do if A player say's that they have been scammed, what would you do? Ask for photo proof, Who scammed them, What was taken, How many. Then proceed to move the information to whomever has the power to resolve the situation according to rank and power. Your friend is online and they are breaking a rule, what would you do? Ask them to stop, And verbally warn. Proceed to deal consequences within my given ability, if persists then move up to the next highest form of power. There's an argument over yell and its get out of hand, what would you do? Yell-mute both parties (If able), Until seen fit. If it persists then players may receive temp-mute until they understand that the next time will result in a ban. A player is needing assistance with things you do not have access to, what would you do to assist them? I would do everything within my being to make them as comfortable as possible while attempting to contact someone who can help. If unable to then I would have them create a help form on the forums and I would proceed to attempt contact until the conflict is resolved without incident . In Regards, Mini V2.