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  1. That's great to hear! Good job
  2. Great job! Looking forward for future updates
  3. Oh well lol, my screens broken too but not that broken luckily lol, hope you get it fixed asap
  4. How did this happen?!
  5. Well hey there mate! Glad to hear something from you, I hope you still remember me (not from this server). Hope to see you soon!
  6. Total Loot Total default value of the loot is 40,179,144 gp.
  7. Yeah, I'll probably do more of these, thanks for your feedback!
  8. Thought that I was a little low on money so why not do some wyverns lol. Took roughly about 3 hours since the looting and trading took some time. Total Loot Default Value of the Loot is 72,232,733 gp
  9. This is a list of money making methods in Strafe Hope it helps out! I'm sure there are many other ways to make money, feel free to suggest them in the comments! Skilling Crafting Crafting is a good way to make money in the beginning. You can get up to 9k profit per gem when cutting dragonstones. The shop that sells the uncut gems is located at home. The shop: Profit (The number shows how much profit you get per gem) Thieving Thieving is also a good way to make money in the beginning, although I recommend crafting over it thus it being faster. You can get up to ~9k profit when thieving the highest levelled stall. The thieving stalls are located in the south-east of home. Profit Pvm Wyverns Wyverns are a great way to make money as well. The bones sell for 150k ea and they drop unique items such as ranger boots, robin hood had, dragon boots, dragon platebody, draconic visage and other dragon items. The dragon boots sell for 10m, the ranger boots and the robin hood hat sell for 25m(?). You can get to wyverns by typing ::wyverns. They are fairly easy to kill but I recommend taking some food if you are a lower level and have cheap armour. You also need a protection from the dragonfire. Loot from 1000 kills (approx) Frost Dragons You can get to frost dragons by typing ::frosts. Their bones sell for 250k each and they also drop a few unique items, such as the draconic visage and the Frost Dragon pet. I would recommend Wyverns over the Frosties, since Wyverns are easier to kill and drop more loot. Loot from 1000 kills (approx)
  10. The forum ranks are already added, the armour and stuff under the rank image would be kind of a rip-off from other servers (it's too common). You can check the droprates of a monster with the ::droprate command, but I agree that it would be easier with the command you suggested. A lot of the stuff (items) you suggested is from higher revisions and would need custom stuff to add. The location of our home is original, but it definitely can/should be spiced up I agree with the other suggestions.
  11. introduction

    Good luck with your goals!
  12. Oh well, every server has a postfarm thread lol
  13. Good job, added an experience table
  14. Mining Guide You can start out by talking to the Skilling Store NPC at home. He is located between the Summoning Store and the Sure Store. Buy yourself a pickaxe. The shop sells an iron one and a rune one, the iron one needs level 1 mining and costs 1 gp. The rune one needs level 41 mining and costs 32,000gp. Note that you don't need to wear the pickaxe in order to mine ore. Next up teleport to the mining area by typing ::mining. There you can find adamantite, copper, iron, tin, mithril, coal, gold and silver ore. When you have level 80 mining, then you can go to Living Rock Caverns by typing ::lrc. There you have Gold mineral deposits and Coal mineral deposits. These deposits can have a high amount of ore inside them, but some only have a few (it's random). The experience rates from mined coal and gold deposits are the same as normal. WARNING: There are high-level monsters there who can deal quite a bit of damage. Be sure to bring protective armour or some pray pots and use protection against melee or ranged. There are places where you can safespot the ores as well. Experience Table Tin - 875 Copper - 875 Iron - 2,000 Silver - 2,000 Coal - 2,500 Gold - 3,000 Mithril - 4,000 Adamantite - 4,750 Runite - 6,250 Runite ores are located only in the wilderness. (North of the Lava Maze) Note that these experience rates are without any experience boosters. You can boost your experience with mining brawlers (obtainable from the revenants), playing during bonus experience (on the weekends) or with the Miner's outfit (obtainable from mystery boxes)