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  1. I'm good:)
  2. I totally forgot to reload the new bonuses as the old ones were still active, pardon me!
  3. This changelogs contains mostly PVMing and a bunch of T90's with great stats that I think you guys will need for future PVM content Read the latest changelog to see more of this! ^ That was mostly written fucked up to make the launcher not look weird. Any how, this changelog will give us the basic T90 gear that you'll see in RS3, anywhere from drygores to noxious items. I've added both weapons and amours. Gaining the new items are three different bosses, two customs and one already available ingame. Projun, Lucien and Kalphite King. Projun has been nerfed so you can solo him, his HP is 10000 and his defence has been lowered. Lucien has been nerfed as well and you can 2 team him, maybe 1 team if you're good enough. Drops: Lucien will drop Sirenic, Tectonic and Malevolent armour. Projun will drop Ascension Crossbow + Off-hand, Seismic Wand and (Noxious Bow, Staff. (Not confirmed, some drops might be switched to another boss in the future)) Kalphite King will drop all the drygores. Glacors HP has been nerfed by 50%. Thieving random teleport has been tweaked from teleporting you into the sky. I've also decided that the future updates on Strafe will mostly be PVMing content, so stay tuned for more custom items. (No shitty tho)
  4. We have just switched host to a better one which will benefit Strafe in the future with a more stable connection + server. However, you will need to force update your launcher by checking the tick box right next to the "Start Game" button. This will basically just redownload the new client and you should be able to connect like with no problems. I've added a picture below if you encounter any problems. Regards, Ziffle.
  5. A bunch of ninja fixes and preparation for future achievements. - Doing thieving will now randomly teleport you within the new home - The star location on the old home has now been re added in another skilling spot - Trackers for all skilling skills has been added and you can see your progress whilst skilling, this has been added for future achievements. - BXP will now give the same amount of XP on the active days - BXP should now start from 00:00 AM on friday to 11:59 PM on sunday. - A few admin commands has been added. Pictures:
  6. I've been quite busy lately and a few things has been coming up here and there, well I wanted to make a quick changelog with minor updates. - Drygores has been removed and will be re added very soon, this was due to a cache issue. - A new command called ;;autospin has been released and you can spin a maximum of 500 spins and they will be sent to your bank. (Thanks Two for the suggestions) - A new SOF system has been introduced and SOF rewards are now 100% accurate to old runescapes SOF. - A time listener has been added, and will be functional in a quick ninja fix very soon. (A system that records your online time.) - A new XP system has been written but not released till further, you will not see any difference as for now.
  7. Clean bank!
  8. Haha damn, lucky!
  9. After a while has gone we will start to introduce the Veteran Rank, it's been quite a while and I wanted to make people able to achieve this rank for a very long time. Now it's time to finally release this rank to our true veteran players. Any accounts created between 01/28/2017 till 02/28/2017 will recieve the Veteran Rank, if you think you're requirements are up for this rank you need to PM ziffle directly with your date of joining for quicker assistance Have a good day
  10. Drygores are here, Drygores + off-hands are ingame finally after a lot of suggestions along the time we had this server up. Today we released the first part of end game content and it was drygores to current boss Kalphite Queen at a quite high rate. Drygores is now the best weapon ingame, since we arent a 748 we can't have real off-hand so I decided to make offhands the same as chaotic kiteshield but with STR bonuses, which will make drygore one of the best shields (so far) I hope you all enjoy this update and let the grind begin (and remember this is part 1 of end game content ) Best regards, Ziffle.
  11. 25m/h aint that bad! Funny to see loot threads of actual loot and dont generated kills. Would be funny to see more of these!
  13. *Hyfdur has been promoted from Newbie to Server Support.
  14. Due to personal matters with techinal issues this application is still on hold. 06/23/2017. regards, Ziffle.