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  1. Taking skilling supplies away completely seems kinda harsh. I don't have a lot of time to play myself and I don't want it to take me a century to max.
  2. Thank you, I'm studying Music, Art, Health & Social Care and Philosophy/Ethics along with the necessary ones. Thank you ^^
  3. Hello people. I'm not too great at introducing myself but I will try my best. I'm Suga, my real name is Jihyung (or Jin for short). I'm Korean but I've been living in England for about 6 months now for school and training. Other than that I spend my time dancing with my group, singing, playing sports or exercising (track is my best but I try to do a range of things), watching movies, playing video games, cooking/baking and of course eating. I am quite busy these days but I will try to play a lot. ^^ I hope to see you all around!
  4. ᕙ(░ಥ╭ʖ╮ಥ░)━☆゚.*・。゚