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  1. Tried every loan place in ever town around.. Denied all over lol 


    Just want my Fckin pc back :/

  2. Hey! im doing alright, Still trying to fix my PC sucks ass
  3. Very clean and well organized. Nice suggestions as well. Will edit in my opinion when i get a chance just getting ready for work atm
  4. ahh yes i just re read the same part twice that was my bad
  5. i originally had the item images on the user bars on our previous ones, i can talk to ziffle and see what we can do about the Post ranks. Do you mean the Rank titles? Like where it Says Uncle Rusty?
  6. Life in a nutshell, Never take what u have for granted.

  7. introduction

    Goodluck on ur ironman Pretty soon ill be Grinding out on an ironman series i keep putting it off so since the gf is going away for a week itll be time to begin
  8. skilling pets

    Skilling pets i have Suggested, but but as it is now Leveling is very easy, i could see them being handy if a harder game mode was implemented. Tier 90 stuff tbh i dont think needs to be added yet.. no one even has Torva and stuff yet. as well with the capes.. sure it would be nice to have them, but i do see other Things that could use the time investment then silly hoods But for The Teleporting i think its ok the way it is.. but i feel like Every teleport should be added to the teleport guy. but at the same time if people were to Check out forums they would get to know the commands as there is a list with Most if not all the commands in game None the less very clean and tidy post and i look forward to hear more of ur suggestions
  9. 104M Attack
  10. You could make a Real RS Gamemode and i would still play it, Tbh i like the gamemodes that take a lil longer to max as it keeps me with things to do ingame
  11. *GOAL ACHIEVED* Black Hween