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  1. Agreed. Not a fan of the teleport guy @ home and the :: for teleporting to certain places. EX, ::slayer to get to slayer locations, but some locations still have to be accessed through the teleport guy like Brim dung. Perhaps a dedicated teleport menu that pops up with a command/clicking a spell or something and it has general areas that can be opened with more specific locations within that area to take you where you need to go. I might make a graphic to show what I mean if it's not clear. -Sye
  2. Damn. This is lit. -Sye
  3. The dank. -Sye
  4. Mf that took like 8 tries to get it to show the video like that and not just the link lol. -Sye
  5. Man, I feel that on another level. I lost my buddy April 2015... Never see it coming.
  6. paid torrent site? Pretty much all that's left now that KAT/ExtratorrentCC are gone. TPB sucks lol. Thanks for this. I've been needing a new PS since I can't find a good torrent of it that works. -Sye
  7. aw.
  8. post graced by the owner himself. #honored. As long as iron man works out, we should be good lol. It's hard to find a good iron man server.
  9. What's good, everyone? My name is Tristan. Call me Sye, Daddy, T, whatever. I'm 19 in college for a Computer Science degree. Currently wasting my life away on summer break, so I've got ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to be here if this sticks. I've been bouncing around some RSPS for a good while, dabbled in some projects with a couple guys on Rune-Server, most never really took off or received DCMA after a short run. Some projects I've been backing/staffing on are Zarketh (PMod), later relaunched as RuneX (Administrator), still in development on RS; Amestris (PMod/Administrator), later relaunched RomeScape (PMod/Administrator), later relaunched again as Auridon, now relaunched AGAIN as JuneScape (Co-Own). Always on the elusive search for a good server with proper Ironman content, as I feel much more accomplished when goals get achieved that weren't assisted by other players or a cash stack. Most recently I played on Simplicity, but they did an ECO reset and deleted everyone's bank, including Ironmen. So. That was the end of that one. Just looking for a good home, so far so good. A nice, small community is always a good start. Anyway, I'm easy to get ahold of if you wanna talk. - Sye