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  1. Me My best friend
  2. Enhanced bonecrusher. Take the following to a new NPC to create enhanced bonecrusher. Bonecrusher 250k Dungeoneering tokens 100M Coins Makes the bone crusher crush bones for 3x the normal experience. This is less than gilded altar as gilded altar is 3.5. Each bone crushed deducts 50k from your coin stack. Doesn't work if you're not carrying the gold. Would not be used by everyone as some people like to stock pile bones for bonus XP weekend.
  3. If you want to help with these you could always find the co-ordinates of both spots and write them down for him
  4. Bossing has always been possible without flasks, so I'd argue that If potions are kept in the shop then herbs take no value. Perhaps a way of turning potions into flask equivalent at a NPC for a GP cost. But again I know nothing of coding so I'm useless on that lol
  5. Hi, I guess this will kinda be my introduction and a suggestion rolled into one. My name's Vonixe aka Anna, I'm 22 and I live in England. I've been playing for a few days now and I'm enjoying the server and I've met some really nice people. Malice and Nacro and I were talking about all of the supplies in the shops that can be bought. This came around when Narco was advertising the buying of bones and I asked how can you put a value on something with a lack of economy. We got into the discussion of how nearly everything can be bought from the shop for low prices. This devalues everything else, including skilling. The only reason to skill is for the exp and past 99 there's nothing to be gained from it. You can buy your fish, your potions etc for low prices in the store, with money coming in from thieving so fast you literally need to spend a few seconds and you have money for a whole lot of rocktails. This removes any need to skill beyond getting maxed and shortens the life span of the gameplay. Things get boring when all there is to do is boss. Why is this a problem? With the amount of gold coming into the came and the amount leaving, it causes a very high inflation on items. And with no gold sinks and nothing to spend money on beyond basic supplies this removes any chance of any economy coming into play because you have to ask yourself what IS the value of a gold coin at this point? If I can buy everything I need for a small amount of coins that I could easily obtain from thieving/gems, why would I bother selling my bones? Ziff seems like a really nice guy and I'd like to play a server that at least lasted a few months instead of just a few weeks as it seems that's how long the average life span of a server is these days. So I have a few suggestions, increase the longevity of the game by: Removing -all- skilling supplies from shops, excluding herblore secondaries since I doubt there's all coded locations to obtain these, but remove herbs themselves. Any current supplies that had been amassed would need to be removed/exchanged for gold pieces equivalent to what they were bought for. This includes existing rocktails, overloads, extremes, you name it. If it's not possible to make herbs obtainable through farming it's self increase the cost of them significantly. Make it so you need to think about where you're going to use overloads instead of popping them everywhere for 300gp each. Remove potions from the shops. Remove end game food from the shops. Lower gold income from things such as thieving as a whole. Lower the amount of shops themselves at home, there's some necessary ones and some that could be condensed down. Increase price of chaotics/lower the amount of tokens dropped by the monsters (this is preferable). - Chaotics are the strongest obtainable weapons and it doesn't take very long to get one. Again, this is great for the "short term" players who stick around for a week and then hop over to another server. But for people such as myself who like to find somewhere nice and stay until the death it's far too easy to obtain a best in slot weapon. And if anyone complained that it's unfair to those who already have the chaotics I would happily give mine up equal to the new cost/time taken to obtain one. Nerf glacors - Not to the point where you can afk them, but where they're beatable without using 20 brews. Remove ::bank from donator or increase the cool down (I would be asking for this even if I was a donator) Add a gold sink store with extremely high priced items, almost unobtainable. These would be cosmetic items. I would say third age but they're already in the FoG token store. Not really sure what could go in here. Increase requirements/add more requirements on trim completionist cape. Things suggested as above makes things take longer, more difficult and feel more rewarding thus increasing the longevity of the server for long term players. These suggestions are based from experience managing (not coding, don't ask me anything about that lol) an economy RS-like 2x xp server which held a consistent 50 player small community for 8 or so months before I stepped down. Sorry to make my first post a bitchy one, and I don't want to sound like I'm butting in on anything. Blame Malice and Norco if it seems that way since they told me to post my ideas.