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  1. introduction

    Hey Guys, Thanks to your luck I've gotten a draconic visage yesterday from a wyvern kill. At the rate things are going, my luck is incredible. Hope that it will last throughout the series. PS: Rusty this weekend would be a perfect time to start your ironman./ Ziffle can you add my iron-max acc to highscores? I just checked and saw that it doesn't exist atm.
  2. introduction

    Heyo! AlphaHoon Here, I just want to let everyone know that I have recently made an iron-man account and will concentrate on its progress more than my main. In terms of an introduction, I'm still the same person . My ign for ironman acc is "Iron Ox".Hope to see you guys in game.
  3. skilling pets

    Replying back to your comment on "skilling pets not being necessary unless a harder gamemode was introduced." Hopefully ziffle released that x2 gamemode or at least a x5 gamemode. This way skilling pets would play a big role whilest skilling. Hope Ziffle checks this out and considers working on adding it in game.
  4. Heyo! I have some suggestions that I believe would improve the server and possibly bring in more players. The more content the better. Here is a list of my suggestions, hope ziffle will agree & try to implement them into the game. Skilling Pets: Either the oldschool version or the RS3 version. Adding Tier 90 weapons such as; Drygores/Noxious/etc.Possibly even the new defenders such as; drygore, chaotic, and barrows.(Needs higher server cache though) Finding better textures for the current master capes. (If possible look for a HD texture for all capes) Simplifying the Teleport system: Instead of having the teleports scattered as they are now. Have one npc with a clean and easy to follow gui, to teleport you around the game. Iron-Man Highscores: Add in highscores for ironman that play the game. This way we can compete against each other. I will be adding more suggestions along the way.
  5. Nvm I just saw your previous message as I refreshed the page
  6. Wait so ziffle what your plan for this x2 gamemode? From what I understand you are saying that you can revert to a slower xp gamemode on your current acc. Is that correct?
  7. Will it available to choose as gamemode when starting out a new account?
  8. Well depends on what you mean after maxing a regular one? You mean after maxing a normal acc and then on that same acc you can choose to set your xp mode to x2? I was thinking more of a seperate gamemode that is permanent once you choose it in the beginning.
  9. Heyo! I agree with Rusty, especially on the x1 or x2 gamemodes. This way players that do decide to play with this gamemode, will stay longer, perhaps even inviting others to join them on their adventure.
  10. ~{HeadPhones/Bass Speakers Required!!!!}~ How about a change? Something soothing, yet upbeat. Got the perfect music for just the occasion. Genre: [Techno-Trance] Like Always Respond what you think down below. Enjoy! Song Names: 1.) "Finally Free" By: DJ Harmonics & SmK 2.) "Call of The Jungle" By: DJ Harmonics 3.) "Gates of Solace" By: DJ Harmonics 1.) "Finally Free" 2.) "Call Of Jungle" 3.) Gates Of Solace
  11. ~{HeadPhones/Bass Speakers Required!!!}~ Heyo! Back again with a timeless Hit. Genre: [Electro Music] Like always, enjoy and respond to the song. Song Name: "Dream of Something Sweet" By: K-391 (Remastered Remix)
  12. ~{HeadPhones/Bass Speakers Required!!!!}~ I'd like to share this song for my (Club-Dance Music Lovers). Enjoy! Respond what you think. If you like it I have more by Kate Lesing the one and only Song Name: "Out of Your Love" - By: Kate Lesing (Remixed By: Rod Bass & Heat Hunter) Extended Mix