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  1. Addition to the suggestion list. -Clans don't work.
  2. I'm referring to where it says: Mithril member, Bronze member, Steel member above the profile pics I'd like to add armor sets or rare sets depending on what the rank is called. There could be Phat sets, T90 gear, Nex sets, etc.
  3. -Suggestions- Client-Side: -A new client that runs more smoothly. -The option to use a 718 client rather than the 742. Or an option to use the 718 interface. Forums: -Revamping forums, not necessary but would be cool. -Forum score I guess you could call it. The rank under forum name, For example; The king, Dragon, Mithril, Torva. Add the armor set or a different form of score such as rares and add the image of said item. If the user is Mithril rank add a Mithril set under the rank. -Not really forum related but please add more to the donation store. Add perks like all the other pre-eoc servers. Less is not more when thinking of donation benefits. In-game: -Add increased drop rate of easy, medium, hard, elite clue scrolls and add the loot if not already added. -T90 gear.(Malevolent,Tectonic,Sirenic,Drygore,Noxious) -Add the T70-80-90 defenders. The defenders are Corrupted Defender obtained via Barrows mini-game, Ancient Defender obtained via Nex, and Kalphite Defender obtained via Kalphite King. -Add ;;droplist. Used for checking the drops that an npc has. Example, ;;droplist General Graardor. Also add ;;itemdrop to see which nps drop the specific item. Example, ;;itemdrop sirenic scale. -Add an option to remove the donater icon from your name via ;;editacc>Display donater Icon. -Also consider changing the commands around a little bit. Change ;;editacc to ;;settings. (Not a big deal) Change the teleport system. Half of the teleports are commands like ;;mining and the other half are via an npc which is kinda hard to find if you're new. Either make all teles commands, move the teleport npc to the center of home and add all teleports to the npc, or do both. -Revamp the donater zone and add zones for either all tiers of donaters. -Add Invention skill and divination skill. -Add slayer monsters from rs3, Example; Rune dragons. -Add more items to vote and trivia shop. -ADD MORE GAME MODES! The could go as followed: Easy x200 xp rate, Intermediate x100 xp rate, Veteran x50 xp rate, Expert x5 xp rate, Ironman and Hardcore Ironman should be x10 xp rate. Drop rates for each mode: Easy x1, Intermediate x1.5, Veteran x2, Expert x3, Iron x2, HC Iron x2.5. General: -Acquire more developers. A client dev, A forum dev. -Veteran rank,master rank,respected rank, achieved by different task lists. You can pm me if you want my idea for a list. -Personally I don't like home. Maybe move home and add an option to set your home in ;;editacc. (I wouldn't recommend this though considering the small player base. You don't want them to be divided.