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  1. Grand exchange Forgotten warriors for dungeoneeering Drygores Noxious Amulet of souls wildy course fix Pets for each skill 99 or 200m ? be able to get up to 2b xp in each skill keybindings cache work adding teleports to quest tab or home teles for ;;train ;; shops ;; market maybe optional home change bind ( like grand exchange can be option home set and so can orginal) Add dung boss's , example kal gor drops primal boots add it to a dung and bind ;; kalgor etc etc with adding the other dung boss's add soul gazers as a boss and drop can be hex bow. malev , sirenic , tectonic can be added Vorago boss can be added maybe some wildy boss;s like wildy wyrm extra xp while training in wildy maybe add banks around wildy for that. add stealing creations to get points get items like sc scimi sc hammer for xp boost on skills. double xp weekend every 2 weeks? or once a month shops should be more organized and spread out and maybe different area so example ;;market for supplies like food pots and stuff and gear or ;;shops either command works. Rots can be added. rise of the six. player pins for safety player owned dungeons. ( people can pay like 100m to buy them and then use them for own use.) remove rares from shops add clue scrolls. more suggestions on the way !!!
  2. Hey, About me: Been playing rs for 10 years. Have been Head Admin Have been a Developer have been a Co owner Friendly nice guy pm for friendzone nomsayin Will bring alot of suggestions to community and offer some item models and such to add!!