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  1. Great updates!
  2. Thanks for the ::autospin update! <3
  3. I am pitching an idea for a fast way to use spins, this way would to be use a command added to game that randomizes the items you get from the SoF. The command would be ::spin x (x being a number 1-1000) and the items would go straight to the bank. I have seen this on 1 sever, after I talked to the owner about it and it worked flawlessly and also brought in tons of donations for spins, because people could do them faster than 1 by 1.
  4. I keep having an issue with the client, to where it keeps crashing and not loading the cache correctly. If you could help me fix this I would love it! Also I can switch out of "Software" graphics setting to DirectX or OpenGL because it says "Strafe was unable to load graphic settings"
  5. Would like to post this as proof to claim my Vip donor on forums