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  1. Indeed, I was unaware of the Chests potency. Perhaps more FOG tokens, cash, or a scroll for like double xp for 20 minutes, double drop rate for 20, etc.
  2. Thank y'all!
  3. While my ironman journey is just at its beginning, there is something I can foresee being an issue with many players who chose the Ironman game mode. That is, rewards for things such as Trivia and Voting aren't necessarily restricted, but they don't exactly encourage the Ironman base to partake. Albeit FOG tokens themselves I believe are worth participating in Trivia, voting is another thing. Voting is very important to the growth of the player base, thus accommodating all game-modes so that people want to vote, is also important (Or so I think). Perhaps allowing Ironmen to open Crystal chests would be an alternative route, or even a different reward for ironmen (purely cash, skilling supplies, etc) Thanks for reading this post and I'll add to it if I am to find anything additional.
  4. Hello everyone, my usual username is Dbcrazy but i've decided to roll with Ironcrazy since i've chosen the Iron man game mode. I've played RuneScape and servers for about 8-9 years now, played and loved many servers, developed and ran my own 718/742 for around 9 months(Project Pernix), have moderated many servers and over-all know just about ever crack and crevice of RuneScape lol. The server looks great with a nice steady EXP rate, can't wait to see you all in game!