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  1. As always, a great and beneficial update! Thank you for this Will send over the rest of the items that were missed on the previous sheet soon enough.
  2. Image Embedding Embedding images on the forums is a rather simple task to accomplish and can make a thread more appealing to view. The purpose of this guide will be to inform you on the fastest method to get images into your thread that I personally use. Step #1 You will want to have the image ready to import onto the internet. If there is an image that you have previously saved to your documents that you wish to upload then there are an arrangement of sites that offer fast uploads. My personal recommendation is to use a software called Lightshot; an image capturing software that allows you to choose the parameters and upload directly to the internet. Step #2 With the desired image uploaded to the internet, you will need to right-click on that image and scroll to the option Copy Image Address. This will give you a copy of the images code that will be required to input without appearing as a direct link. Step #3 With the image address ready, you are free to paste it into the website. The forums automatically convert the images code into the image but in the event of a malfunction on this part, there is relevant code to use for this. The code you would require is {IMG} and {/IMG}. This code requires the use of brackets instead of curly brackets. With the link posted, your image will appear on the forums as embedded and ultimately make your post look more appealing to viewers!
  3. Next time we'll get that divine
  4. Haven't updated this in a while, probably missing quite a lot but here's what I recall. -7,500 Ores Mined. -10,000 Logs Cut. -Prestiged 5 Times. -100/100 Zilyana Kills. -Saradomin Hilt Drop. -120 Slayer Achieved.
  5. Great additions that have been very well requested! Brilliant additions that will ultimately benefit the server. Thanks for these
  6. Goodluck with the project, an interesting development for a great cause! Going to miss having you on but goodbyes aren't forever Hope you have a great time out there and gain lots of valuable skills! Better keep us up to date on the forums
  7. Hotkeys - I completely support the notion of this. I feel it would be beneficial towards people who click train by giving them ease of access. Would love to see this in-game. Selling Bug - This is a major issue that has potential to be looked into. As it stands the 50 each is the only method to sell and I can see the concern n regards to this. Completely support this and will update it in the relevant section when I get the time. Construction - Similarly, I'm not too familiar with how the development of complete construction would go. I've tested a few of the rooms and they are limited, would be nice to see additional rooms to give more user customization. Skiller Cape - This would include the usage of custom items, not 100% sure on what policy the server takes in regards to customs but it would be nice to see an exclusive cape to those who have achieved a great feat skilling. In regards to the emote, it would have to be based upon something that's already in-game to avoid remodeling an entire emote. Prestige Rewards - Generally, I've got a few suggestions in regards to prestiging; a bit in depth to be posting as a comment. I support the ideas behind adding more rewards to prestiging, after hitting the prestige 5 mark there is no need to push further in the future. Would love to see more options. Double Exp Lamps - In regards to this could you elaborate more? Do you mean within the donation shop and how long would they last? As experience goes up 25% with each donation it would be more simplistic for people to donate to the next level over another item in the shop. Curious about this one but with more information I may be inclined to supporting it.
  8. Moving this to media, seems more fitting there. Also looks very enjoyable, hopefully I'll be around the next time this happens
  9. Welcome to the forums Sarah, I hope you enjoy your stay with us!
  10. This is entirely true, an option to adjust or a generic revamp to the hex values of them would make it much simpler on everybody. Also what am I jealous of?
  11. The icons look much better in my opinion! But those adjustments to the Corporeal Beast pet will make it a lot better. As always, brilliant progress!
  12. Generally it comes down to the graphics settings being used on the client. I'm currently running maximum settings and can read them fine. But some adjustments or offering the ability to adjust them would be beneficial. I've also fixed the images for you.
  13. Issue resolved, locking this topic.
  14. This changelog is incredible, been a busy time for the server with some great developments. As always thank you for these and it's great to see that you're in a better mindset and healthier!
  15. As it currently stands, items from Ganodermic Creatures are coming into the game at a rapid rate. These are supposed to be exclusive and high tier items that there is an abundance of. Placing the requirement would give them an overwhelming value and establish a basic economy price for them. I hadn't considered the Agility level requirements but I agree completely with them. Would be beneficial to get more people involved in skilling as a difference to their generic combat fueled sessions.