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  1. Where's everyone on the forums
  2. Hey just wanted to pop in and see how everyone's doing! Still haven't got a new laptop 😩
  3. Sounds dope
  4. February 23
  5. Damn you guys are balling now
  6. Dropped it + the screen was already broken
  7. Yeah.. 7 glacors away from comping aswell 😂 Anyway I guess I won't be on that much for a bit I'll try get a new laptop asap but for now I guess it's bye from me, I'll try stay active on forums when I have the time, gl everyone
  8. Yeah and maybe some new items from it aswell besides whip
  9. Hey guys, as a lot of you have noticed i have been pretty inactive on strafe recently, this is due to ALOT of personal stuff going on right now i hope to be playing actively again soon. Thanks for the patience, Ryan
  10. There isnt a "#1" title specifically set, its a custom title from ::title, it just happened to be i was rank 1 at the time
  11. Support pretty much everything.
  12. Thanks
  13. Hey Strafe players, With all the new players joining the server, they're all asking the answer for trivia questions, and what trivia does in general. To find the Question/answer you're looking for just CTRL + F! FAQ: 1. How do i answer Trivia? - To answer the trivia question, type " ::answer (answer) " 2. What are the Trivia Points used for? - The trivia points are used to buy cosmetics from the trivia shop, the trivia shop can be located south of ::home Questions and Answers: Name the Movie Did you touch my drumset? - Step Brothers So after all this, im the missing patient? - Shutter Island Too fast for you? - Fast and Furious The World is ending! - 2012 Oh no, it's Jason with a machete! - Friday the 13th Tsunami survival and reuniting - The impossible Wait, it's a dream?!? - Inception Puzzles smerta - Master hicacot - Chaotic ekomyn - monkey irhucrnea - hurricane staminodiatrr - Administrator apre - Pear guerdoningene - Dunegoneering grandon - Dragon tevo - vote geertips - Prestige megldaono - Megalodon damanta - adamant osetirot - tortoise rocksalti - rocktails edrootma - moderator odtsiro - doritos torpucem - computer Runescape/Server What is between the bank booths at ::home - Pillar Pressing F1 Will open what? - inventory How many training locations are there? - 5 Who is the npc with the green cape at home? - Nomad What is the maximum aount fo experience you can have in one skill? - 200m What building is ::home ontop of? - Warriors Guild How many hills are there at barrows? - 6 What is the best free to play armour? - Rune What color is legendary donator? - purple Name The Song Are you ready, ready for this, are you hanging on the edge of yur seat - Another one bites the dust Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin, i came to win battle me that's a sin - Jump Around Stacy Can't you see you're just not the girl for me -Stacys Mom I don't like walking around this old and empty house, so hold my hand, i'll walk with you my dear - Little Talks Hey i just met you, and this is crazy - Call me maybe Brings me back sweet childhood memories - Sweet child o' mine I've become so numb, I cant feel you there. Become so Tires, so much more aware - Numb And you can tell anybody, this song is for you - Your Song California, knows how to party. - California Love Let's go to the beach beach, le's go get away - Starships Lamborghini Mercy - Mercy Ah whimo whep wh whimo whep - In The Jungle I'm burning through the sky! - Don't stop me now Move to the sound of my body - Hips don't lie I won't answer what you need answered - I won lucker I wake up every day it's a daydream, everything in my life isn't what it seems, i wake up just to go back to sleep - bonkers Your poor little heart, will be alone - runaway baby I got sunshine, on a cloudy day - my girl i crashed my car into the bridge - i love it let's take this back to straight hip-hop, and start it from scratch - berzerk Put your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more - Carry on wayward son Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet - Eye of the tiger Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity oh, there goes Rabbit - Lose Yourself Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you - Wonderwall General Trivia What movie was an american film version of a popular swedish novel? - Girl With the Dragon Tattoo What is a barracuda? - A fish Complete the film name 'Croughting Tiger Hidden _ _ _ _ _ _' - Dragon What member of the beatles was asassinated in 1980? - John Lennon Herp Derp.. - derp herp What spirit is typically used to make a cuba libre? - Rum What was the last letter added to the english alphabet - J How many earth's would fit into the sun? - 1.3 milliom How do lizards communicate? - push ups How many cards are there in a pack of cards? - 52 Which country's flag features a maple leaf? - Canada How many bones are in a fully grown human? - 206 What movie features Simba The Lion? - The Lion King What doesnt yolo? - A Cat What music genre goes wub wub wub? - dubstep Between Mayweather and Canelo, who won? - Mayweather The greatest parody including the movie Narnia. - Epic Movie What is the best crate? - Death crate What number did Michael Jordan wear? - 23 Who created charlie brown christmas? - charles schulz When was the movie E.T released - 1982 On what mountain does Apollo reside? - Mount Olympus Honey comb is to half baked as chips is to _______ - french fries What is k-pop? - korean pop What is j-pop? - japanese pop Why are flamingos pink? - Because they eat shrimp In which year did Michael Jackson release his single entitled Thriller? 1982 What animal is classed as the king of the ocean? - Great white shark What is a Vixen? - A female fox The Trivia is updated quite frequently, and i will try to update it as much as i can, if there are any questions missing, just leave a reply and ill update it ASAP.
  14. Its nothing too important, definately a QOL update but thanks for the suggestion
  15. I agree, The ability to get engame items withing the first 10 mins of playing the game shouldnt be a thing.