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  1. Projun seems to have more than 10,000 HP. I did a test where for every hit of damage above 195 I counted it as a 200 and I reached 28,800 from just those numbers by the time I had killed it.
  2. Cloud's Bank Charm's Bank every tab looks decent except for the very last
  3. Personal questions: What's your in-game username? Cloud How old are you? 17 What's your time zone? CST/CDT Do you have any previous experience as a staff member? I have previously been a Moderator for a small 742 revision server. (7-10 avg. players) How long have you been playing on Strafe RSPS? Since Mid/End February 2017. How active are you on a daily basis? 6-8+ hours usually. Why do you think you would be good addition towards Strafe RSPS staff team? I've been around for a while, know about most things that have to do with the server, and I'm hardly ever AFK while logged in so I would be able to effectively help any new/already existing players if they are in need of it. Do you know all our rules, and understand them correctly? I have read all the rules, and understand them. What would you do if: A player say's that they have been scammed, what would you do? First, I would ask each person involved to explain what was happening, then I would advise the scammed player to make a player report via Forums, providing all possible proof of the scam happening, and if it seems to be a dodgy accusation, I would advise to accused scammer to also provide proof to defend themselves. After this, I would read each players proof and decide on an agreed punishment between other available Staff Members. Your friend is online and they are breaking a rule, what would you do? I would treat them as any other player, and punish them accordingly. There's an argument over yell and its get out of hand, what would you do? I would warn each player to either move the argument to PMs/end the argument completely, and if they continued to flood the chat I would temporarily mute them. A player is needing assistance with things you do not have access to, what would you do to assist them? I would advise them to contact another Staff Member via Forums/Discord, or I would contact a Staff Member myself via Discord.
  4. coords are about 3425, 3165
  5. Clue Scrolls Clue Scrolls would be a nice addition to the server. They could give nice cosmetics otherwise unobtainable in-game, and also have a rare chance to reward the play with third-age equipment pieces. If possible custom rewards that wouldn't usually be coded into a clue scroll's rewards could be added as well.(i.e. vote rewards/fog token items) Simpler Teleporting System I know a few people have already already suggested a simpler system of teleporting, but I'd like to add my opinion as well. The different teleports seem to be all over the place with how they're organized. To make things simpler, I would suggest removing the six options under the "Edit EXP Locks", and replacing them with options similar of those shown below. These options should be removed and replaced, because they are either already commands(i.e. ;;home, ;;vote), can be found easily from the forums(i.e. "Forums", "Store", "Commands"), or could be given a command(i.e. "Donator Zone" becomes ;;dz) Better Vote/Trivia/FOG Cosmetics As of right now, the server doesn't have a very attractive assortment of rewards for voting, achieving 99s, or from answering trivia questions. The picture below shows just a few of my suggestions for items that would, in my opinion, do well to add more worth to each of these shops. Third-age druidic is, to my knowledge, the only third-age equipment not currently available to players in-game, this could be changed by adding it to the FOG shop along with the other equipment. Profound decorative equipment, along with the Castle wars enthusiast cape in RS3/OS is a sign of playing Castle Wars for a very long time. These items could be reflected into Strafe as signs of playing for a long time if they were to be put into vote shop with a decently high amount of points needed for the full armor set(plus cape). The other items shown(crab claw and hook, swag bag/swagger stick, grain, cat training medal, blood necklace, animal staves, training equipment, & prisoner uniform) are items I personally like to wear/would like to wear in real RS, and think they would be fine additions to the trivia point shop. Obtaining Experience Boosting Outfits I know there are already a few skilling sets in-game for boosted experience, and I'm not 100% sure what date this source goes up to in relevance to real RS updates, but there are a few more outfits(show below) I think could have a possibility of being added to help players with training. The sets are: Master Runecrafter(RC), Constructor's outfit(Construction), Factory outfit(Herblore), Black Ibis(Thieving), Agile + Ardougne cape*(Agility), Yaktwee Stick(Hunter), Flame gloves/Ring of fire(Firemaking) *cape doesn't normally give boosted experience, would be custom. I have a few ideas for obtaining the outfits. They could be put into a shop using a currency of "Skill Points" obtained by doing any skilling activity(i.e. 1 Skill Point received per 1 Skilling action performed) meaning cutting 1 log, or catching 1 fish, woulld provide 1 Skill Point. A second way the outfits could be obtained would be RNG based. Similar to the way a pet is obtained in RS3/OS, there would be a certain chance per action done that the player would be rewarded with an unowned piece of the outfit that correlates with the skill being trained. PK Point Shop Very few, if any, people currently PK on the server. I think this could be changed if there were an incentive to PKing, such as adding a PKP currency with a shop that sells items from other shops, such as colored whips/SOLs/mage books, or by putting other rare drops that could be used for more PKing(i.e. revenant armors, ranger boots, dragon boots, or defenders) Better Skill Shop In my opinion, the Skilling Store looks a little messy at the moment, but it is also missing a few things, and I believe it could be cleaned up to become a little more useful. Currently, the shop features every hatchet from iron-rune, which doesn't make very much sense to me, since you will be getting to 40+ woodcutting much too quickly for any hatchets between iron and rune to be useful. I would remove the steel-adamant hatchets from the shop, since this is already done with the pickaxes. I would also like to suggest adding logs(regular up to magic) to the shop. If you were to ask the regular players which skill was the worst to train, I believe a majority of them would say fletching, which becomes obvious when looking at the hiscores. The only logical way to training fletching at the moment is making darts/bolts, which becomes very tedious when there is a 2k (UNOTED) adamant bar shop limit for non donors, and a 2k (NOTED) adamant bar, and 500 (NOTED) rune bar limit for donors, with multiple people clearing the shops constantly. Adding logs to the Skilling Shop would provide another reasonable way to gain experience, through cutting/stringing bows. (a boosted rate for fletching would also be beneficial to the player base) New Home The current server home is, I believe(?), the default home from the default source. I think it is vital for a server to have a personally made home, so when new players join they aren't confronted with a repetitve, overused spawn area. Below is a video of a rough spawn I made in a few minutes. In my opinion, the Citharede Abbey is a nice area for a spawn, as it is medium-sized, and has a nice open spot for the main area. Thanks if you read through all of them, let me know what you guys think.