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  1. nice banks guys
  2. Personal questions What's your in-game username? Skilling How old are you? 20 Years old What's your time zone? UTC +1 Do you have any previous experience as a staff member? Yes, I've been a server support several times and a moderator once aswell both stopped due server being closed. How long have you been playing on Strafe RSPS? UHM, since February. How active are you on a daily basis? Couple hours a day. Depends on my work schedule. Why do you think you would be good addition towards Strafe RSPS staff team? I've been playing this server for quite a while now and I think if there is help in need I can easily show them how to do everything. Do you know all our rules, and understand them correctly? Yes. What would you do if A player say's that they have been scammed, what would you do? Check proof, take all the information possible. Depending on that Jail or mute depending on the information. Your friend is online and they are breaking a rule, what would you do? Warn first and sent them to the server rules like everyone else. If they repeat breaking the rules; Jail / Ban. There's an argument over yell and its get out of hand, what would you do? Warn first but if it keeps going. Mute. A player is needing assistance with things you do not have access to, what would you do to assist them? Assist the player as much as I can and try to get help from moderators or the owner to help to player as much as possible. Thanks - Skilling
  3. I knew about this one, forgot to post it on the forums since i was in a rush to get to work Good to get a refund though!
  4. Effigy's. I think we all can agree that Effigy's should be added as a rare drop. Why? because they're nice to get a little bit of extra xp from to put on the Skill you dont really like to do! PvP Brawler Gloves Get them to work for a +5% xp boost for 20 minutes ? maybe more? Corporal Beast Fix the corp. I tested this and the chaotic rapier is so much faster to kill corp than a Zamorakian Spear. Runespan Might get alot of hate for this one, but i think runespan should be in the game with a decent xp rate. Its nice to have in the game and has no harm towards the eco. DKS Bones I tested this aswell and you get more XP when burrying the bone normal than on a altar. That shouldn't be happening LOCK XP'S The Lock Constitution xp doesn't work if you want to toggle it. Might make it lockable for pures that want low def or no HP xp at all! Reaper Slayer Tasks Should be good to see real boss tasks in the game for other tokens and other rewards than the normal slayer master Task system This one is straight forward. A task system for usefull items just like RS3/2. Pack Yack Special The Pack Yack special doesn't work at the moment should be good to see when you go bossing, collecting or pvping in the wilderniss you can store your drops to your bank!
  5. Totally agree. The armours and weapons should be removed and replaced with cosmetics.