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  1. Welcome to Strafe Hope you enjoy your time here with us.
  2. 100% Support for addition of missing level requirements. This is key for an economy to work effectively and to keep going for a long time, not only that but the requirement is there to show that this particular NPC is going to be a difficult fight if un-equipped or not prepared. (Which is how it should be for Ganodermic and Dark beasts) Shortcuts in Brimhaven Dungeon would be a nice unlock to have as well as Slayer Cave and Tower. I wouldn't even mind if they were trapped behind appropriate Agility level requirements, encouraging us to train Agility before hand. (This could also boost our run energy drain rate)
  3. Death is indeed an NPC that offers boss tasks only but a number of settings are in place for the players to choose whether they prefer solo based tasks or larger tasks that are team based. On that subject, one of the settings he uses is to be given larger amounts to kill for the task. I love the idea of paying with Slayer points to guarantee a boss task and maybe it can work so you spend a small amount for a simple solo boss that's about 5 kills. But the option to spend double the points to get a 10 kill task or something along those lines.
  4. I agree with many aspects of this post and I'll give my two cents about it. Without a doubt Slayer is an enjoyable skill for a lot of players, the addition of more Slayer Masters will be so beneficial to the end-game aspect of Slayer and make it more enticing with a range of new and exciting high-level tasks. I was thinking, the introduction of Death on RS3 created the Reaper tasks, I'm not saying we should have Reaper but rather have a new Slayer Master who will just give out bossing tasks both solo and team based to encourage more social slayer capabilities. 100% agree with Slayer Helmet being an earned reward through training Slayer rather than being so easily obtainable in the stores. Perhaps we could only purchase the ability to make one? Allowing us to kill the respective monsters for the desired items used in creating the Full Slayer Helmet. Also agree with Uncut Onyx being removed from the store, this encourages people to kill Tzhaar creatures and gives the Fury more worth. I would lean more towards removing the vast amount of higher level Herbs in the Herblore Shop so that we can use Farming and drops as a way to obtain them, giving more incentive for people to train those skills as well while also making Herbicide beneficial to use for that extra Herblore XP. Another advantage for Ring of Slaying/Ferocious Rings are that they could give a potential damage boost while on a Slayer task in a certain area or when slaying a specific monster as well as offering that instant teleport to a Slayer Master after the completion of a task for power Slaying. Both items could be made drops rather than a direct reward from the store, giving us more incentive to do specific tasks which we might think twice about doing. If I haven't mentioned something it's because I agree with it and have nothing to say.
  5. This is great news, a launcher is so helpful in different ways. I think the website design looks great, feels much smoother as well. Thanks for your hard work on all these changes both upcoming and present.
  6. Congratulations man
  7. I would like to agree too, I mean we have bosses in-game for a reason. Why not utilize those to drop the weapons/armours that are being sold? Cosmetics are completely fine, since that player is making that choice to have a harmless effect/item. To add to this, perhaps skilling auras could work? Such as Lumberjack, Call of the Sea, Greenfingers - giving % chance of something happening or a little extra xp.
  8. We have a prayer altar at home to restore prayer points and you can use food to heal yourself. I don't see the need for a useless NPC, we have the resources to do both things she would do.
  9. I know this isn't the correct section but there is no bug report section. Although this could be seen as a simple quality of life improvement. Loot beams stay for way to long after you've picked up the item, they should be disappearing straight away.
  10. There should definitely be some form of Support section for reporting players/bugs. This is an absolute must, doesn't matter how many players you have.
  11. Sup dudes/dudettes, My name is Ryan but you can call me Beast because I see you already have a Ryan here... the war has just begun my friend. I have became bored of the grind on RS3 and decided it is time to re-enter the world of private servers. I've been around here and there picking up a plethora of knowledge along the way, nothing special to be honest. I've decided to give Strafe a go and I'm looking forward to calling this my new home. I'll see you all in-game as well as here floating about from thread to thread.