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  1. Hey, of course I remember you! Currently doing a lot of sport coaching and charity work, hope to be back soon!
  2. Hey there! First time i've had access to internet for ages! We're back in England for a few days while our boat gets serviced for something! Hope everyone's been doing okay, still 9th on highscores, people been slacking? Glad to see the server is still alive and there's a friendly community! Happy birthday for yesterday @Ziffle , hope you've been keeping well! Sorry it's late, arrived back early hours of this morning Glad to see some new friendly faces! Where's the updates on your progress @Awtryn? Hope you're still around Miss you all, i'll be able to reply for the next day or two, afraid I don't have my laptop with me so I can't play Only another month or two then i'll be back Peace <3
  3. Better keep me updated with the logs on the forums! I'll check when I can! <3
  4. Hi there, sorry I don't know many new faces, but I know most people who currently play here and i've had a brilliant time here. I haven't been on much recently so I don't know some new faces, but I love the small community we have here, and I've got to say i'm going to miss you guys. I've been working a lot on my dissertation for university and I've had a brilliant offer come up for me to travel the world on cruise ships and deliver physical education to places less fortunate than where I currently live. I've been busy making arrangements and plans and finalising details but I'll be responsible for about 40 coaches and we'll travel the world on a cruise ship, delivering physical education to people on the cruise, as well as to places that can't afford coaches or have lack of opportunities and equipment for it. We'll also be working to install water pumps etc to regions without access to clean water on the side! However, the issue with this is that i'm not going to have internet, for about 3 months. I'll be staying in 1-2 star hotels and eating local food and the issue is, these places don't provide internet. I'll be able to look at the forums every few weeks when we change location, but other than that, nothing. This isn't goodbye forever, however! I will be back, and I hope to be welcomed back by this lovely community, I hope it grows and you all enjoy your time here. I leave next week, but won't be on much with deadlines and stuff. For now, peace out, enjoy your time, I hope to see you soon.
  5. Yeah I completely agree, I skip banshees and pyrefiends and basilisks but I've run out of slayer points haha. I agree the teleports would be a nice quality of life update. However at level 99 slayer I agree, pyrefiends, banshees and all low level tasks do get tedious at high levels.
  6. I'm not too fussed about the teleporting, I've managed to get to every task i've been assigned. However, getting assigned pyrefiends and infernal mages does get a tad tedious at 60m+ slayer xp. It'd be nice just to have a higher level slayer master with more interesting rewards.
  7. Kind of ironic that the title is pay to win, considering some would consider Auras great utility, especially like vampyrism and penance which are great utilities I agree Nex and godswords shouldn't be purchasable, but I don't think all Auras should be for sale as I feel like they should be obtainable ingame as they can be very useful when bossing which is turning pay to win into pay for convenience which some people still disagree with. But I do feel like other cosmetics should be added in place, however the experience and cosmetic auras aren't a huge advantage over everyone so they could be added. But I feel like the better auras used for bossing like vampyrism and penance etc should be obtainable ingame in the future.
  8. Awesome, one of my friends siblings go there!
  9. I agree with most of these, i'm sure the raw rabbit meat isn't an issue to add for Ziffle, the reason things like raw sharks were removed is because it was far too easy to skill - I don't see anyone reaching 99 cooking with raw rabbit meat though The voting chest is very....random? You can get Bandos Tassets or a pink wizard hat, all depends how lucky you are haha. The trivia can contain things such as gilded armour, the golden dragon pickaxe, katanas and some nice cosmetics, again, there's so much junk that you're not likely to get anything. I'm honestly not sure what to do about the voting and trivia rewards, but I agree with the rest. Thank you for your contribution
  10. Awesome, nice work!
  11. Welcome! Where do you study if you don't mind me asking Hope you enjoy your time here
  12. Will be sure to test this out tomorrow!
  13. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here, I hope to catch you in game at some point
  14. I hope you enjoy your journey! While I agree Ironmen should be rewarded, I disagree with the crystal chest as this can contain end game armours which take away from ironman. However I do agree other rewards should be added, maybe cosmetic? I'm not entirely sure on alternatives I'm afraid, but I agree to a certain extent!
  15. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here, if you need anything let me know