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  1. Welcome Trey! Hope you stay and have good time here with us! Hope too see you ingame!
  2. I forgot something. But i meant like its bonus xp in weekends. If People use real Money on that bonus xp. instead of just weekends. And about the leadersboards. ( Highscores ) Top 3 players on higscores should have the #1, #2 or #3 as their title thingy. not just 1st
  3. Hotkeys Hotkeys is mostly for banking. For example; Im doing fletching and have done 27 Magic logs into bows. I "press bank, Then some key on my keyboard and suddenly my bows are in the bank and New logs in the Inventory. Makes it way more flawless too skill, and faster ofcourse Selling "bug" cant sell "500 mark". I tried the other day too sell 500dstones at a time, instead i bought full Inventory of ropes. so i had to click on the stone in my Inventory and sell 50ea, not 500. Then me who is going for 200m xp in crafting, i will end up With tons of dragonstones. More into contruction, try to make it flawless This may be really hard? i have noe idea, im not into computer science! but i would love too see more into the Construction skill. right now you can make 3 rooms? and fill half of each room With tables and Chairs. would be cool too visit eachothers house and see what it looks like IF the Whole skill wouldnt be so buggy. Skiller cape Would adore too see a skillermaster cape. With a customize emote. i havent seen a single server who has it yet, may be really hard to fix? overall an idea. The req, for wearing the cape ingame must be hard, very hard. Prestige rewards I've heard there is nothing really rewarding for prestiging at this time? just the Points you can use in the shop? why not add some prestige capes? for ea Fifth prestige a different cape With more details on it? Double xp lamps in the shop here in forums Last thing i wanted too suggest is double xp lamps. i dont know if the economy would break With this or not. i just came up With it on the top of my head. -Sarah
  4. Quick picture, next time we need all too group and strict a line post down if you want too join our little familiy photo -Sarah
  5. Hello! My name is Sarah or Statics ingame, whatever you wanna call me. Im 19, soon too be 20 in a couple months actually. from Norway, just finished school and heading for the military in the end of this year or start of the next year. I've played Runescape for as long as i can remember. Ended my "career" on the original game when RS3 came, after that just Rsps and here i am! Ingame i am a skiller! feel free to join me and chat! I promise i dont bite
  6. I have the same issue and i am running it on higher graphics... It's readable, but would be nice so i don't have too smash my pretty face into my screen too see it
  7. This is really cool! Would love too see some of youre work! Especially logo's and signatures :')